Future Volumes

Here is what is forthcoming in the PAIDEIA Commentaries on the New Testament series:

First, Second, and Third John by George L. Parsenios (Princeton Theological Seminary), 2013

Luke by Mikeal C. Parsons (Baylor University), 2014

Galatians by Peter Oakes (University of Manchester), 2014

First and Second Thessalonians by Todd D. Still (Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University), 2014

First and Second Timothy, Titus by Christopher R. Hutson (Abilene Christian University), 2015

Philemon and Philippians by Richard T. Cassidy (Sacred Heart Major Seminary) and Bruce W. Longenecker (Baylor University), 2015

Revelation by Daniel C. Harlow (Calvin College), 2015

(all information is tentative and subject to change)